About Us

A Few Words

Founded in the year 2000 and based in Siliguri, the Balasun Experience started with just a handful of tourists from different corner of the globe. The name of our organisation is inspired by the Balasun River that rises in Lepchajagat, a few miles to the south west of Darjeeling and later enters Terai (foothills) and joins Mahanadi in Purnea. Our company is deeply inspired by nature and is a creator of all encompassing vacation trips. We are able to make flawless trips possible with the help of a team of experienced, efficient and expert professionals who are dedicated to provide personalised services with perfections. In 2002, Super Agro India from Kolkata gave us a break for conducting a tour to Goa for 43 people for the first time. This tour brought change to our entire working style and we started working for corporate, big travel houses etc. Even we had privilege of conducting tour from 50 pax to 400 pax in different locations.

The Balasun River

The Balasun River takes its rise at Lepcha Jagat a few miles to the south west of the station of Darjeeling. It flows a southerly courses till soon after it eaters the terai, when it divides into two streams. One, called the New Balasun, branches off and joins the Mahanadi on its right bank just below Siliguri: the other, the Old Balasan, continues its southward courses till passing out of the terai, it also joins the Mahanadi in Purnea. The new channel is said to have formed about 60 years ago by some Meches damming up the old stream for the purpose of fishing. The principal tributaries of the Balasun in the hills are the Rinchingtong on the left, and the Rangbang on the right bank; and the plains the Rakti and Rohini, both of which join it on its left bank.

The Balasun Experience

Stressed tired or simply run down… take out a little ‘me time’ and book yourself for some days of sheer relaxation with “The Balasun Experience.” All of life’s experience are distinct because of the places we travel through, we enrich our lives in so many ways... fascinating colours of nature, and the friendly nature of people, the picturesque countryside dotted with monasteries, temples and churches where you can breathe in the fresh morning all alive with ‘Lamas’ chanting. Explore marvellous places like few remaining on earth.